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Seidio Multi-Function Battery Charger for Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Captivate, Vibrant

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Price: CAD 35.95
Part# A7923

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Android Seidio Multi-Function Battery Charger

Product Description

Are you looking for a device to power your battery? This new Multi-Function Battery/Smartphone Charger from Seidio is equipped with everything you need to charge both your battery AND your Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Captivate, or Vibrant!

In order to fulfill all of your powering needs, the Multi-Function Battery Charger provides a dual source of power: USB Power or AC Power. With the foldable power plug, you can plug the battery charger directly into any standard wall outlet and charge your battery - whether on the go, at home, or at work! With the use of a USB cable (not included), you can charge your battery directly through your computer's USB port! While in this mode, your new battery charger acts as a desktop battery charger. For added convenience, you can charge your battery while in the car with the use of an USB Car Adapter (not included).

If powering your battery wasn't enough, this product also allows you to power your Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Captivate, or Vibrant! With the use of the included charging cable, you can connect your phone directly to the Multi-Function Battery / Smartphone Charger while in "AC Power" mode and charge your battery AND your Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Captivate, or Vibrant at the same time!

Compatibility - The Multi-Function Battery/Smartphone Charger is compatible with both OEM and Seidio Batteries!

What is included:

  • Multi-Function Battery / Smartphone Charger Base
  • Interchangeable Battery Slot - model specific
  • PDA Charging Cable - model specific
  • Charges most extended batteries
  • Fold away prongs for easy travel!

Works with: Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Captivate, Vibrant

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