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Tech 21 Universal Vertical Leather Pocket Pouch (NO Clip) - OPEN BOX (Clearance)

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List Price: CAD 29.95
Price: CAD 11.99
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Android Tech 21 Universal Vertical Leather Pocket Pouch (NO Clip) - OPEN BOX

Product Description

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The Tech21 Impact Slip is fully integrated with D3O, a patented protective material, that combines impact protection and high performance shock absorption to protect your electronic devices.

D3O impact protection cases provide a barrier between devices and everyday accidents. When a device using this protective case is dropped, the molecules within D3O lock together upon impact, absorbing the energy and dispersing the energy away from the device creating an added layer of durability.

The Impact Slip is a contemporary design that fits anywhere from your pocket, to purse or backpack! The slip provides a secure fit, accompanied with minimalistic design and a unique pull tab closure, that enables you to quickly retrieve your device whenever needed.



• Ultimate D3O impact protection
• High Grade Leather with D30
• Pull Tab closure enables quick access
• Minimalistic look & feel
• Magnetic closure






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